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George Garcia '88-NIT
May 24, 2017

Pirates at the Palace 2017

(Left to Right) Jumar Escorpisio, Cpt. Terrence Shinn, George Garcia, Cpt. Bob Jensen, Conrad Metzenberg,  Zada McClendon


Sidney Palmer '10-ME and Matt Kor '05-MT
May 4, 2017

Sidney “Sid” Palmer and Matt Kor in Sasebo, Japan.

Brad Klann, '81-D
May 4, 2017

I reckon we took over Helms tasting room we did...really nice turnout...thanks to Stevie Gray for collecting new email addresses from the group...thanks also for the beers...that was fun!

James Anderson, '14-MT
April 28, 2017

Long Road to MSC >> 

Dylan McCall, '07-MT
April 25, 2017

The U.S. Coast Guard is looking for a few good Maui surfers and water polo players willing to jump out of helicopters to rescue people trapped in 40-foot seas.

“It’s definitely not for the faint of heart,” Lt. Dylan McCall said Thursday.

McCall, who was born and raised in Paia and is a 2003 Seabury Hall grad, is leading a campaign to recruit watermen and -women from his home island before expanding the program nationwide. He was given the green light to begin the initiative by Coast Guard headquarters in Washington, D.C.


Read more >> 


Class of 1969
April 25, 2017

Gus and Marie Fischer lunched with Wayne and Linda Clifton in late February, while the Cliftons were visiting SoCal for Wayne’s Dad's 92nd birthday. 

Gus has been active for the past three years in the Orange County Chapter Sons of the American Revolution @ orangecountysar.org. He has found that he had 7-8 great grandfathers from Pennsylvania and New Jersey who fought in the American Revolution.

After John Norheim successfully competed in the Pacific Cup race to Hawaii last summer (6th overall, of 80+ boats), he and his wife Wendy Tokuda did a lot of fly fishing in the Sierras during the summer and were in Patagonia hiking in March. 2 of their 5 daughters are getting married this coming summer, so they’ll be busy!

Bob and Cathy Rogers continue to work with orphan kids in Swaziland. The kids live in a logging compound because they get fed 2 meals a day...rice and beans every day. Their school only recently has water, newly painted walls, aqua-ponic gardens, chicken coops and soon, solar power. Bob and Cathy are working in Swaziland for 8 months, with three of their kids and seven grandkids. The Swazi kids’ school projects are mostly funded through "Cross Fit Gym of Boise", the Rogers’ friends and their church. Bob says he’s putting to use much of what we learned at Cal Maritime about "just getting ‘er done". (Thanks, Frank!) Contact Bob if you are interested in learning more or supporting his African adventures.

Last year, Gary and Patty Stoffels traveled for about 13 weeks in total. They spent a week in England, three days in Scotland, four days in Ireland, a week or more in each of the following areas: Branson MO, Lake Havasu City AZ, Scottsdale AZ; Oceanside CA, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Galveston/Houston TX, Lake Conroe TX, Lake Tahoe NV, Avila Beach CA, and San Francisco. This year, their daughter will be getting married and their youngest son will graduate from the CHP Academy, so they’ll be cutting back a bit! Whenever he’s home, Gary does yard work and his best to avoid Patty’s 'to-do' list.

Steve Worthy writes to say that we’re “Never too Old”! After Steve and his wife, Roxanne, became cancer survivors, he wanted to help pay back to the Cancer Society. Last summer, Steve did a bike ride fundraiser for the America Cancer Society. The group left San Francisco on June 5 and finished in Portland New Hampshire on Aug 2. 52 days and a total of 3800 miles, averaging 85 miles every day, rain or shine. They had 4 rest days, hotel to hotel, and he reports that every day was truly an adventure. This was Steve’s fourth ride across the country, but never as a survivor or the oldest biker in the group! The friendships were invaluable. Another biker from Germany was also an old retired Chief Engineer! Knowing that this was his last time across the country on a bicycle made it more rewarding when he reached the Atlantic. Hopefully, the money he raised will help others to know more about prevention and cure of this life changing illness. Bike On! 

Dennis Deisinger, '85-NIT and Brian McInerney ‘84 NIT
April 24, 2017

Brian McInerney ‘84 NIT and Dennis Deisinger ’85 NIT attended the 100th celebration for ‘opening day on the bay’.  

Daniel Brodie, '99-MT
April 24, 2017

Daniel Brodie is the new Supply Chain Specialist for Cork Supply USA. He will be responsible for managing logistics and maintaining long-term relationships with our suppliers. To his new role at Cork Supply, Daniel brings more than 16 years’ experience in logistics, managing import/export containers and freight, and reducing operational costs. He has built a career through positions that include logistics analyst, field positions coordinator, and transportation sales representative. He holds a BS in Marine Transportation from Cal Maritime and an MBA from JFK University.




Sebron Flenaugh III, '13-MSTEM
April 14, 2017

Sebron Flenaugh III '13-MSTEM, has utilized his capstone experience to inspire and launch a new maritime-related charter school.   Pacific Maritime Academy (PMA), serving grades 6-12, is scheduled to open its doors in the Fall of 2018. PMA will have at its core a STEAM-based curriculum, infused with Military Science and Maritime Career and Technical Education (CTE).  The school will serve youth in Solano County, the majority of whom arrive from underserved and underrepresented communities.  In addition to a rigorous seven-year educational program, PMA will also provide [24/7] wraparound services to its students, which include three meals a day and tutoring before and after school and on Saturdays.  If you are interested in supporting PMA there are opportunities in corporate sponsorships and fundraising, Board of Directors, Maritime CTE curriculum design, and Community Outreach. Please visit the PMA website: www.pma.school for more information. 

Kenny Ingram, '05-MT and LT Dylan McCall, '07-MT
April 10, 2017

LCDR Kenny Ingram 05 MT and LT Dylan McCall 07 MT speaking to Cal Maritime Cadets about the USCG.

Tom Edwards, '79-MET
April 10, 2017

Cal Maritime alum in the news, Meet New Sonoma Valley Teacher Thomas Edwards >> 

John Ryan, '54-D
April 3, 2017

Los Angeles Alumni luncheon 

Jessica Vaughn Dillman, '09-BA
April 3, 2017

Jessica Vaughn (Dillman) c/o 2009 welcomed first born son, Cassius Jeremiah with husband Robert Vaughn on 31-Jan in Houston, TX. 

Bart Pinder, '10-MT
April 2, 2017


Alum Bart Pinder is mentioned in an article by Harley Marine >>


Aaron Fess, '15
March 29, 2017

Updates on several Class of 2015 alumni:

Kamil Bahadar selected helicopters upon completion of Primary in Milton, FL this past fall.  He is currently assigned to HT-18, home of the Vigilant Eagles for Helicopter Advanced training.

Anthony Davis is a winged Naval Aviator flying the MH-53 with HM-12 out of Norfolk.

Aaron Fess selected Strike upon completion of Primary in Corpus Christi, TX with VT-28.  I am now assigned to VT-22 The Golden Eagles at NAS Kingsville, TX.

Brad Foster selected helicopters upon completion of Primary in Milton, FL earlier this month.  He is now assigned to HT-8 Eightballers at NAS Whiting Field, Milton, FL.

Josh Smith, USCG, selected helicopters during Primary.  He is finishing up Primary with VT-6 Shooters before going on to helicopter training.

Dalton Webster is a winged Naval Aviator flying the MH-53 with HM-15 out of Norfolk.

Tom Clyatt
March 28, 2017

Class of 1982 will be holding reunions October 5-8, 2017 on and off campus. Please contact Tom Clyatt at tclyatt@sbcglobal.net if you wish to attend.

Terry Geroux, '04-MT
March 28, 2017

Picture from Portland's 4th Thursday!

Neil McGourty, '04-MT
March 28, 2017

An interview with Cal Maritime alumnus, Tugboat Captain Neil McGourty >>

Kenny Ingram, '05-MT
March 27, 2017

Kenny Ingram visited campus in an unconventional way. He flew in via helicopter as part of a United State Coast Guard aviation demonstration. The HH-65 Helo landed on the quad Monday morning. Students and staff had the opportunity to ask Kenny and the entire crew questions about USCG aviation.




Russell Shrewsbury, '06-D
March 27, 2017

My wife, Jessica, gave birth to a future 4th generation tugboat captain and hopefully 2nd generation CSUM alumni Rowan Howard Shrewsbury on January 23rd, 2017.  He's almost ready to start working for the family business in Seattle here.  








Robert Piazza, '65
March 16, 2017

Cosmic Marching Society held their quarterly lunch in the dining hall on Wednesday March 15th. We had 22 in attendance plus President Cropper and VP Bob Arp.

Pat Rose
March 8, 2017

William Geroux, author of the Mathews Men: Seven Brothers and the War Against Hitler's U-Boats, will give a talk about the book and do a booksigning on Sunday, March 26, 2017. More information >>

Jim Stilwell, '67
March 1, 2017

We are rapidly coming up on the 50th Anniversary of the graduation of one of the most unique classes to graduate from Cal Maritime.  Entering in August 1964, and graduating in May 1967 the class of 1967 obtained degree and license in 2 years, 10 months with multiple jobs awaiting each newly licensed officer at graduation.  Shipping was good.  The future unlimited.


The Class of 1967 will be holding its 50th reunion in conjunction with Cal Maritime Homecoming activities in October 2017.  Mark the dates now.  Look for further information by email or letter.  Please update your contact information with Cal Maritime, and Jim Stilwell at Capt.Jim.Stilwell@gmail.com.  

John Lynn, '54-D
March 1, 2017

John Lynn ’54 D Published a new book Mind Maze and Other Odd Stories:

“The title story—Mind Maze—is a dream fantasy. Or is it? Are you awake now? Are you sure? Three others are also science fictions, possible futures for humankind. In one, machines have replaced humans. What will we do? Will we lose control of our communities and our selves? Aren’t we already being replaced in the work place by machines? In an other science fiction, dreamed-of invisibility doesn’t turn out to be quite what was desired. One of the fiction stories—Breaking Away from Maddie—is a tale of one man’s life gone awry, and his plan to regain his self-esteem and his freedom. The final story is a fiction about 3 Elm Street, and its residents, over the span of one-hundred years—told by the house itself. You don’t believe a house can talk, think or remember? As evidence to the contrary, the house declares, After all, don’t you believe that a Tin Man can have a brain?” 

Purchase on Amazon.

Byron Bader, '61-E
March 1, 2017

Class of 1961 55th Class Reunion. L-R: Jim Cozine D-61, Byron Bader E-61, Doug Peters E-61 & Richard Vohs D-61

 Class of '61 55th Class Reunion was small and enlightening.  Those that attended were: Byron Bader, Paul Hoey, Doug Peters, Michael Rose, Maynard Willms, Jim Cozine, Richard Vohs & Gary Nelson.  Maynard Willms witnessed a third-generation Willms entering the Academy (paternal grandson).  Jim Cozine donated his Japanese Training ship model to the Academy to hopefully be auctioned off at the Academy's Black Tie Dinner in November.  He and Gary Nelson could only visit with the rest of us on Saturday during the day as they had prior commitments for the weekend.  Paul Hoey visited his sister in Vallejo during the day and joined us for dinner that night.  Our reunion dinner at the Napa Airport restaurant was great with good food, drink, catch-up life conversation and included a special stem rose gift for the wives who attended.  I was the only one who did the Sunday Bay Cruise.  I represented our Class at the President's Reunion Class Reception held on the ship while underway to SF Bay to watch the Blue Angels.  

Barry Stroup, '66
February 27, 2017

 The class of 1966 50-year reunion was held at Sand Harbor State Park, Lake Tahoe on sept 10, 2016.





Marc Bayer, '82
February 21, 2017

Marc Bayer and Matt Fenton Singapore at the Tesoro Chinese New Year dinner on Feb 10, 2017.





Daniel Von Der Ahe, '05-MET
February 8, 2017

Danny Von Der Ahe recently published an illustrated novel titled, The Fantastic Strange, available on Amazon.

Book Description: Step right up, one and all, save for the faint of heart! Come meet the Bearded Lady, a Giant as tall as a tree, and the dangerous Medina who hurls the poisoned blades. From adventure on the high seas to the wide open plains where lost hobos roam comes a tale of a circus show and its leader, the mysterious Great Mephisto, and how they shake the foundations of one man's life.

This is the story of an ordinary man, Heinrich, and how he discovers himself to be anything but. 

In a novel brimming with color illustrations and poetry, behold the redemption of Heinrich, how he comes to accept his life and its trials with overwhelming gratitude, and witness the power of the Spirit of the Universe.

Damon Brewer, '08-MET
February 7, 2017

Damon Brewer was recently featured on San Francisco Bay Crossings

Andy Salyards, '05-ME
February 5, 2017

Andy Salyards is the owner of the Urban Restaurant Group in St. Petersburg. Holdings include Urban Brew & BBQ, Urban Comfort, Urban Deli & Draft, Urban Creamery and Urban Catering.  Read more >> 

Jack Meehan, '13-D
November 8, 2016

Jack Meehan, 31, of Laguna Beach, died in a tragic bicycle accident in the early evening of Oct. 26, 2016, in Santa Cruz, Calif.

Jack was born Oct. 15, 1985, and grew up in Laguna, attending El Morro Elementary and Thurston Middle School. An accomplished athlete at Santa Margarita Catholic High School, he was captain of the football team and set several records including the school’s all-time record for most tackles in a career. He earned a bachelor of arts degree in Spanish from San Francisco State University and went on to also complete a bachelor of science degree in marine transportation at the California Maritime Academy.

During his school years, Jack worked at the Laguna restaurant La Sirena, where he was a local favorite and eventually became a manager. After completing his degree and licensing at Cal Maritime, Meehan began a promising career as a professional mariner working for the Alaska Tanker Company. Motivated and disciplined, Meehan was on an accelerated career path with the company, achieving the rank of second mate of the Alaskan Frontier early, and was on track to soon become chief mate. Read more >>

John Betz, '76-D
October 30, 2016

Five Cal Maritime grads (Steve Roberts '77-D, Tom Hill '77-D, Jim Morgan '76-D, John Betz, '76-D, and Mike Rubino '76-D), are setting sail tomorrow October 31st 2016 from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas as part of the Baja Ha Ha cruiser rally. The boat, a Catalina 470, will winter over in La Paz. https://www.baja-haha.com 

Jamila Reinhardt, '12
October 27, 2016

Jamila Reinhardt '12,  represented the USA at the 2016 Women’s Super Series, held in Salt Lake City and the Regional Athletic Complex from July 1-9 . “I never thought I would make it to this point in my rugby career. Of course I love this game and social experiences, but to be taken to an international level is still mind-blowing me,” Reinhardt confessed. “I can't help to ask myself, ‘Is this real life?’ All the long hours of pushing my body to its limit, time off of work, travel, money spent, discipline in my diet and training makes it all worth it for just the opportunity to prove myself and become a strong rugby player."

Nicholas Lane, '05-MT
October 19, 2016

Nicholas Lane is an attorney at Grofeld Hoffman, LLP’s San Francisco office. He practices in civil litigation, focusing primarily on maritime law and subrogation matters. He litigates various marine casualties in both state and federal court including collisions, cruise ship accidents, commercial and recreational fishing accidents, and injuries to merchant marines under the Jones Act.

Cal Maritime  alumni are encouraged to connect with Mr. Lane on Facebook or via email at nlane@ghlaw-llp.com

LT Tyler Hayes , '12-MT
October 11, 2016

LT Tyler Hayes ('12 MT) has completed his service obligation with the United States Navy as an active duty officer. He commissioned through the SSO program upon graduation and has since served as a Surface Warfare Officer on two ships based out of San Diego- the USS Chancellorsville (CG 62) where he served as the gunnery officer and the USS Comstock (LSD 45) where he served as the auxiliaries engineering officer. His wife, Janice Hayes (UC Berkeley '12), serves as a nuclear propulsion officer onboard the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70). He continues his service in the Navy's reserve program and hopes to pursue a maritime related career in San Diego.


Charles Black ’05 MT
October 11, 2016

Charles Black ’05 MT MSC Sailing as Master aboard USNS Choctaw County in 5th fleet and still living in San Diego with my wife Diana and daughter Daniella. 

 LCDR William C. Albright ’05 MT
October 11, 2016

LCDR William C. Albright, '05 - 4D, was selected to a six-month fellowship where he worked with Tesoro Corporation and the US Army Corps of Engineers. Upon completion he will be working in the Office of Waterways Management and Ocean Policy detailed to US Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, DC. He now lives in Stafford, VA with his Wife, Heather and two children, daughter Reese (8) and son Lincoln (5).

Thomas Edwards , '79-MET
August 16, 2016


Thomas Edwards has joined Adele Harrison Middle School to teach sixth-grade science and citizenship. He holds a BA from the California Maritime Academy and a multiple subject teaching credentials from St. Mary’s College. Most recently, Thomas taught at Martin Luther King Jr. High School in Pittsburg. Sonoma Index-Tribune.

Christopher Hammond ’06
August 15, 2016

This has been a busy year - the first half I worked as Chief Officer on a UAE-based 180-meter yacht. In July I joined a 101-meter yacht as relief Captain. When not sailing I still have my home port of Bainbridge Island with Christina, Ava, And Zoë.

Bob Onstot ’73
August 14, 2016

Note from Bob Onstot's daughters, Shannon Onstot, with Robert Onstot, and Andrea Onstot.

How I will miss this face and this laugh. More than words can say. Dad went out with, of course, the perfect playlist: Bad Company, Brown Eyed Girl, and when the doctor came to check his pulse- Bad to the Bone. Because of course. He touched so many people- so many impressions left on the hospital he's spent the past few months in. So many nurses (aka girlfriends) crying today. Let alone my sister and I and the massive void and massive love he is leaving behind. He'll be with us forever. We've known that forever. Tinkles forever. If there is anything we ask right now it is to please donate blood. Memorial details coming.

Mike Lee ’91-MT
July 18, 2016

Six Cal Maritime grads spanning 3 decades met up at VFW Post 3457 in Garapan, Saipan, CNMI for a 4th of July party. All six are employed by Patriot Contract Services aboard Watson Class vessels USNS Soderman, USNS Dahl, USNS Red Cloud.

(From L to R) Sean Sabeh ’09-MT, Doug Nagy ’89-MT, center back: Cristino Molina ‘10-MT, center front: Phil Crisfield ’91-MT, Mike Lee ’91-MT, Mark Shartel ’91-MET


July 14, 2016

The SS United States Conservancy is pleased to announce the SS United States Crew Reunion & Celebration to be held in Philadelphia, Saturday, September 17 and Sunday, September 18.    

The intention is to reach out to as many officers and crew members who served aboard the SS United States as possible, including those who have had an association with the vessel. It promises to be a spectacular occasion that will bring back many wonderful memories and enable all hands to renew old acquaintances. 

Registration for the event can be done using the reunion payment form at this link.

Details of the reunion are also included in the above link. The highlight will be a cruise by the Big “U” where she’s docked in Philadelphia. For those who sailed aboard her, the sight will be emotional. Seeing her condition, well, perhaps a tear or two. 

For those of you who prefer a printable version where it is possible to mail the Conservancy a check for the total number of guests, it can be found at this link.

Since space is limited we encourage a prompt RSVP. In so doing you will join us in paying tribute not only to her former glory, but a vision of the “Grand Lady” hopefully returning to that glory as the fastest cruise ship in the world!  

Oh, if those old uniforms and such still fit, why not bring them along? We’d all appreciate a chuckle.

Welcome Aboard! More importantly, Welcome Back!!


More details will be forthcoming. If in the meantime, there are any questions please contact Reunion Committee Co-Chair, Nick Starace at NickStar2nd@aol.com.

Garrett Huffman, '03-MT
July 13, 2016

Garrett Huffman and his wife, Carolyn, welcome their second son Luke Thomas Huffman on June 27, 2016 at 3:34 p.m, weighing in at 9 lbs, and 1 oz.




Marc Wentford Webster, '99BA
July 8, 2016

Captain Marc Wentford Webster, 56 of Vallejo, passed away June 11. He was born in Oakland, and served 36 years in the Military Sealift Command (Merchant Marine). Marc attended Harry Ells High School and California Maritime Academy. He was Captain, Military Sealift Command (Merchant Marine) and enjoyed travelling, literature, writing and baseball. 

Survived by his mother, Nona Webster of Vallejo; step-mother, Linda Webster of Santa Rosa, and brother, Scott Webster of Portsmouth, VA. Preceded in death by his father, Staten Webster. 


A celebration of life will be Saturday, July 9 at 10 a.m., at California Maritime Academy, Dining Center, Compass Room, Vallejo. 

Mike Pullman, '87MET
July 5, 2016

We held an informal memorial for Mark Peterson '88D in Bremerton, WA in late April at one of Mark’s favorite watering holes “The Horse Cow” and we spread some of his ashes in the bay. It was a nice sendoff and I have included a couple photos below.



Paul Nave, '69E
June 30, 2016

After a career spanning 47 years in the maritime industry, Paul Nave '69E has decided to take the path to retirement. Having sailed on steamships (including Victory and Mariner class vessels) as well as factory fishing trawlers and tugboats, his career changed into project management culminating into several large projects including disaster relief to the earthquake-torn Haitian capital of Port au Prince, assisting in getting the port operational after the massive destruction to the facilities there.

Living now with his wife Mary of 40 years in rural Issaquah Washington, some travel as well as hiking the local hillsides are on the agenda.

Cal Maritime has provided Paul a wonderful, varied career and lifestyle which he would not trade for anything. 

As the school continues to grow and evolve it is only getting better each year offering its students and alumni more of what life has to offer.

Stuart Parrish Keddie, '81D
June 14, 2016

Stuart Parrish Keddie, 58, died on Saturday, June 4, 2016. Stuart was born on September 5, 1957, to Douglas and Elizabeth Keddie, in Phoenix, AZ. The family moved to Yuma in 1959. Stuart graduated from Yuma High School and California Maritime Academy and was married for a few years to Kelli Piccini. He is survived by his sisters and brothers-in-law, Cam and Kevin Foster-Keddie of Olympia, WA, and Sarah and Brad Klann of San Diego, CA, and by his brother and sister-in-law, Hamilton and Ana Keddie of Phoenix, AZ, as well as numerous nieces and nephews. Stuart was blessed to grow up in Yuma surrounded by dear friends, and he was lucky to spend his last few years here. A memorial gathering will take place at Lutes Casino on Thursday, June 16, at 4pm.

Max Miller, '71MET
May 20, 2016

Captain Max Robert Miller, Jr. '71MET, 67, died Friday, April 22, 2016, in Calhoun County, MS. A memorial service was held on April 28, 2016, at  College Hill Presbyterian Church with Reverend Justin McGuire officiating. Read More >> 

Eric Cooper, '05MT
May 16, 2016

Pirates at the Palace PhotoAlumni in attendance at the Pirates at the Palace event in Santa Barbara, CA.
From Left to Right: Eric Cooper '05, Robert Jensen '83, Peter Yinger '82, David Boatner '78, Mark Grosshans '80, Jeff Cowan '75, (Host) Robin Gauss, George Garcia '88, Tim Spencer '89, Dick Hegeman '59, Eric Ireland '81, Andy Stanojevich '92

KC Korwatch, '10ME
May  6, 2016

Reporting to Kevin Daigneault, Director of Gear and Assembly / Test Operations, Kent (K.C.) Korwatch '10ME was selected to the position of Process Area Technical Manager, Assembly and Gearing. KC has been with Northrop Grumman for over 6 years as a Manufacturing Engineer, and has developed into a key subject matter expert overseeing turbine and reduction gear design, build processes and technical project management for major PPG programs including MPU and MRG. 

Malcolm Jones, '06MT
April 24, 2016

From Brad Klann '81D: Meantime the TSGB departed the emerald city of Vallejo and berthed at Pier 15 in SF to commence Cruise 2016....and our friend Malcolm Jones '06MT guided her on the Crowley Tug (no I'm not crazy I see the anchor down...too old to see the anchor ball)


Loren Andersen, '15MET
April 14, 2016

From Charlotte and Robert Andersen (parents of Loren): Our son graduated last year so now we are always interested when we discover and meet CMA alumni.

We were on the Royal Carribean Oasis of the Seas last week and our Captain was Rob Hempstead '86NIT. We saw his bio in the passenger newsletter. Before our son went to CMA, we never paid attention...



Troy Leverton, '07FET
March 30, 2016

Barely 8 months after marrying my wife Sarah in October 2014, I accepted a position with Walt Disney Imagineering in Southern CA, designing control and electrical systems for rides to be installed in Disney's parks worldwide. After several years working on controls, first in boiler rooms and then in food/beverage and pharmaceutical plants, the new job is proving to be my biggest challenge yet. Moving to the LA area was never really in our plans, but the close proximity to several friends and fellow alumni has been great and we are really enjoying it down here.

Ralph William Moore, '43D
March 28, 2016

Ralph William Moore passed away on March 12, 2016 in Napa, CA. He was 94 years old.

He was born on December 3, 1921, in Oakland, CA, the only child of Thelma G. and Ralph A. Moore. Most of his childhood was spent in San Rafael, CA. Ralph graduated from San Rafael High School in 1939 and graduated from the California Maritime Academy in June of 1943. Ralph then served in the Merchant Marine during WWII as a third and second mate on Liberty and Victory ships. On March 10, 1945, he and Loraine White of San Anselmo, CA were married in San Rafael. Following WWII, Ralph and Loraine raised a family in Vallejo and moved to Napa in 1965. Read More >>

Edward "Patch" Lanman, '71D
March 26, 2016

Ed "Patch" Lanman of Daphne, AL passed away on Monday, March 14, 2016 at the age of 65. He was born on April 4, 1950 in Plymouth, MA to Everett & Dorothy Lanman of Plymouth. He is survived by his parents, his sister Carol Yovanovich (Mike) of Daytona Beach, FL and sister Cathi Weeden (Warren) of Walpole, MA. Patch leaves behind his wife Angela and his children by heart and soul Julianna Vazquez of FL, Moriah of WA and Justice of TX.

Patch graduated from Plymouth-Carver High School in 1968 and from California Maritime Academy in 1971 with a BS in Nautical Science.

Patch traveled the world on cruises aboard the Maritime Academy's "Golden Bear" ship and was chief navigator on one of the world's largest tuna boats. He held navigational positions in Port Suez, Egypt and Athens, Greece. He was also a tugboat operator in Seattle and Port Manager of Long Beach, CA. His last position was as a Marine Insurance Investigator covering AL, CA and TX.

Patch's passion was the beauty and challenges of the open sea where he'll be returned to his love of the sea.

Cameron Clark, '03ME
March 18, 2016

KaiFuture Cal Maritime alum! Kai, son of Rising Star Award recipient, Cameron Clark '03ME, wore his Cal Maritime tee at the Citywide Ferry Press Conference yesterday in New York.  




Cal Maritime President Tom Cropper has appointed Barend (Piet) Van Os to the California State University Alumni Council Board. Members of the board work as a representative voice of the CSU's three million alumni and play an active role in helping to shape CSU policy and participate in strategic decision-making. 

Andrew Manning, '17MT
March 14, 2016

BAEOn Saturday, March 12th, Cal Maritime cadets took an interior tour of the USNS Washington Chambers (T-AKE 11) and exterior tour of the Pride of America. Joel Aldrich '01BA showed the cadets around the entire way while Dennis Deisinger '85NIT met up with us at the safety brief at the beginning. From left to right: Michael Flores, Autumn Benson, Brian Jacobson, Kyle Bertotti, Andrew Manning, Joel Aldrich, Shane Haggerty, Emmanuel Zamora, Kyle Dale, Aaron Lotz, and Sean Furlanic.  

Cal Maritime President Tom Cropper has appointed Barend (Piet) Van Os to the California State University Alumni Council Board. Members of the board work as a representative voice of the CSU's three million alumni and play an active role in helping to shape CSU policy and participate in strategic decision-making. 

Chris Peterson, '86-MT
February 24, 2016

Class of ‘86 alumnus Chris Peterson, Vice President at Crowley Maritime, unveiled the new Motor Tanker Florida model, which is now on display in the Student Services building earlier this morning. Read more >>

Cal Maritime President Tom Cropper has appointed Barend (Piet) Van Os to the California State University Alumni Council Board. Members of the board work as a representative voice of the CSU's three million alumni and play an active role in helping to shape CSU policy and participate in strategic decision-making. 

Piet Van Os, '07-MT
February 15, 2016

Cal Maritime President Tom Cropper has appointed Barend (Piet) Van Os to the California State University Alumni Council Board. Members of the board work as a representative voice of the CSU's three million alumni and play an active role in helping to shape CSU policy and participate in strategic decision-making. Read more >>

Konner Triplett-Gold, '15-GSMA
Brian Edmiston, '15-MT
January 31, 2016

It's official! After almost 6 years of dating, my best friend (Brian Edmiston) proposed to me (Konner Triplett-Gold) in the most beautiful and thoughtful way. I still can't believe it! I am so excited to see what life has in store for us, and I am extremely excited to be a part of such a wonderful family!

Cal Maritime President Tom Cropper has appointed Barend (Piet) Van Os to the California State University Alumni Council Board. Members of the board work as a representative voice of the CSU's three million alumni and play an active role in helping to shape CSU policy and participate in strategic decision-making. 


Cal Maritime President Tom Cropper has appointed Barend (Piet) Van Os to the California State University Alumni Council Board. Members of the board work as a representative voice of the CSU's three million alumni and play an active role in helping to shape CSU policy and participate in strategic decision-making. 




Did You Know?

Did you know that the U.S. Department of Education recently released findings that show Cal Maritime graduates have the highest average earnings of any California university ten years after enrollment and they have the seventh highest in the U.S.?


Did you know that the U.S. Department of Education recently released findings that show Cal Maritime graduates have the highest average earnings of any California university ten years after enrollment and they have the seventh highest in the U.S.?

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