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We love to hear from our alumni and hope you keep in touch. Use our online submission form to submit any news about professional or personal accomplishments and highlights.

Send us your news!
We love to hear from our alumni and hope you keep in touch. Use our online submission form to submit any news about professional or personal accomplishments and highlights.

Brad Klann, '81-D
March 2, 2018

Our last 4th Thursday was a spirited gathering on a chilly night with a very professional looking crowd (I was in Mammoth!....when it was NOT dumping two feet!!)

Check em out..from the left Patrick, Chris, and Spencer and on the right Mike Shartel, Chris Anderson, Ian Fegan, and of course one of our leading ladies here in America's finest city, Felicia Chavez !!!

Manny Aschemeyer, '63-D
February 28, 2018

Jimmy Moore, '10-MT
February 15, 2018

Jimmy Moore at the 2018 Spring Career Fair


Erick H. Lim, '10
February 7, 2018

Alum Erick Lim representing Cal Maritime at the 2018 U.S. Naval Institute Member Event.

Lim standing in front of booth

Brad Klann, '81-D
February 2, 2018

The First Episode of Keelhauler Thursday SD 2018 .... Chief Macleod 72, Tony 07 (on his way  to Vail to celebrate his Anniversary), Ty 12, Brad 81, that Freeman high roller 92, and Billy Dick 07 sandwiched between the ever so positive Kylie and quite a handsome future Keelhauler Wil"Liam" Ragnar.

A very solid group of mariners if there ever was one....that's all they need is a ship...heading to Hawaii!!! 

A fun night...with great stories....lots of laughter

Stuart Broce, '86-E
January 2, 2018

Stuart Broce is a NASA Research Pilot at Armstrong Flight Research Center, Edwards AFB, California.

Andrew Bichlmeier, '17-GSMA, MT
December 4, 2017

Andrew Bichlmeier was recently commissioned in the USCG.

Orrin Favro, '05-MT
November 19, 2017

SF Pilot Captain Favro speaking to Intro to MT class.


Marc Bayer, '82-D
November 19, 2017

Marc and Jeff Jappe '79D are in the front row at, 11,200 ft on Mr. Rainier in September 2017.

Hugo Carver, '66-MET
November 17, 2017

Slipping the Anchor Chain
By Hugo Winchester Carver II
(In Newfoundland when you die, they say one slips his anchor chain.)

Link by link my anchor chain pays out,
sometimes one link, sometimes two or more I shout.
I try to keep my pawl from slipping
but it seems inexorable in its creeping.

The anchor firmly planted keeps a vessel from going adrift,
so this system is of finest quality without regard to thrift.
If the vessel slips the chain and breaks free
all souls could be lost on the shore or at sea.

My vessel shudders a bit when each link slips
and knowing my winch is broken causes hope to dip.
But knowing it is the only course makes the outcome predictable.
There is a certain solace in moments where I am stable.

Then another link slips and it disturbs my comfortable time.
I treasure those times of comfort, they are indeed sublime.
Far beyond most any experience prior to my ALS,
except floating free in mid Pacific ocean unconstrained and without distress.

Without ALS your anchoring gear is much less certain with accidents,
illness and old age all factoring in to slip the whole chain, or slip a few links
then the winch is repaired and some chain retrieved.
With ALS, your winch is broken forever and your priorities change.
It is best to lower your expectations, which may sound strange.

It is then best to help others to live a fuller life so they stay well anchored
rather than wasting away not really loving life but always full of dread.
So , if you can, "Don't put it off"!
Always smile and never, ever scoff.........

Vas Podorean, '07-ME
November 6, 2017

Alumni Vas Podorean, presenting cutting-edge technology to USCG. Read more >> 

Douglas Rigg, '79-MET
November 6, 2017

Second annual Dead Fish Lunch with 79' Alumni.

From left to right: Phil Herndon, Paul Abrams, Steve Kreta, Doug Rigg, Shelton Matthews, Bob Funk, Bob Hawke.

Christian Yuhas, '92-MET, '17-MS
October 14, 2017

Upon graduation, Christian sailed with military Sealift command before joining the marine engineers beneficial association where he earned his Chief Engineers unlimited license. After sailing extensively on a variety of ships all over the world he led a union organizing effort while working aboard the Hawaii Superferry as Chief Engineer until the company ceased operations in 2009. Upon returning to the MEBA Christian was brought aboard as a union official in Oakland California specializing in grievance resolution, contact negotiations, and political action. He is currently advocating for WW2 Merchant Marine Veterans just compensation as the National Vice President of The American merchant marine veterans association (AMMV). Chief Yuhas recently completed his Master of science in marine transportation and engineering management class of 2017 while continuing to advocate for a new public Hawaiian Interisland ferry system featuring monohull vessels utilizing LNG as a less harmful Marine fuel. His Hawaiian Ferry design Capstone can be accessed at http://csum-dspace.calstate.edu/handle/10211.3/195990



Niels Lund, '05-MT
October 8, 2017

Graduating Cal Maritime has allowed me to achieve my career goals and has led me to many travels and experiences.  After graduating Cal Maritime I moved to the Seattle area and enrolled myself in a prep course at the Crawford Nautical School of Study for my 3rd Mates license.  While waiting for my license to be printed I was offered a job by another fellow Cal Maritime alumni to work for Global Diving and Salvage as a boat operator.  After working there for about a year and a half I was happy to accept another position offered as a 3rd Mate with Military Sealift Command.  I completed one tour for four and half months on the oiler the USNS Kanawha.  I am now employed with Great Lakes Dredge and Dock as a 2nd Mate and a member of the Seafarers International Union on the hopper dredge, Padre Island.  The company is contracted by state governments as well as the federal government on projects for the Army Corps of Engineers.  We primarily work on the east coast performing beach replenishment projects as well as channel deepening and channel maintenance projects.  This December will mark 10 years of employment with Great Lakes Dredge and Dock which has provided me with a career that I can appreciate and enjoy.  I hope to someday become a Captain with the company and I am working towards upgrading my license.


Eric von Husen, '92-MET
October 5, 2017

Port crane mechanic since 1994. Graduated 1992 MET 4E Big Dawgs!! Loving life!! Thanks tons to my parents and Cal Maritime for the great education!!

Chris Woodle, '92
October 4, 2017

I retired from the Coast Guard as a Commander in 2013 after 20 years and have been working as the Marine Regulatory Advisor for Chevron's Gulf of Mexico operations in Covington, LA since then. I have had the pleasure of working with other Cal Maritime grads on our Jack St Malo and Big Foot projects along the way (Morgan Buck, Sean Gaddis, and Jamie Ruprecht). Cal Maritime set me up well for a fulfilling career and I was also fortunate to sail as an adjunct watchstander as a CG Exchange officer on the 2001 and 2003 cruises.

Don Mrla, '92
October 4, 2017

Don was recently announced as Technical Codes & Standards Advisor within Chevron. After sailing for four years with Chevron Shipping, Don transferred ashore into various engineering and management roles within the Chevron refinery system.

Rick Leach, '84
October 2, 2017

Who would have guessed that my former Keelhauler teammate, Todd Bliss, and I would constitute the oldest guys to ever row the Mid-Pacific? Ha! Never count out old middies, huh?

The cherry on top is a nice mention of Cal Maritime in our blurb in the 2018 Guinness Book of World Records.

Thanks again for your acknowledgment and support of Row Aloha and our 2016 Great Pacific Race endeavor.

I’m planning on attending an informal alumni row on Saturday morning and Homecoming festivities afterward. Perhaps we’ll have a chance to meet.

Ryan Holte, 05-FET
September 28,  2017

 Ryan T. Holte, the David L. Brennan Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Intellectual Property Law and Technology at The University of Akron School of Law, will be nominated to the United States Court of Federal Claims by President Donald Trump, the White House announced today.

“Ryan Holte is a cutting-edge scholar and a dedicated teacher, and he has already made a significant positive impact in his short time at Akron Law,” said Christopher J. Peters, dean of the law school. “We are proud to have Professor Holte continuing to lead our highly rated intellectual property program while his confirmation process moves forward. He will be an outstanding judge.”

Akron Law’s program in intellectual property law has been ranked among the best in the nation by U.S. News & World Report and has received an “A” grade from preLaw Magazine. Holte will continue to teach and direct the school’s IP Center during his confirmation process and would take his seat on the court upon confirmation by the Senate.

Holte is the recipient of two nonresident Thomas Edison Innovation Fellowships from the George Mason University School of Law, and a grant from the Case Western Reserve University School of Law, to support research and writing on intellectual property topics. Holte’s recent articles focus on patent-related topics with particular attention to patent assertion entities (or "patent trolls"), equitable remedies in patent litigation and empirical legal studies. His work has been published in the Washington Law Review, Akron Law Review, Chapman University Law Review and St. Louis University Law Journal.

Holte received a Juris Doctor at the University of California Davis School of Law, where he served as staff editor of the UC Davis Business Law Journal. He received a bachelor’s degree, magna cum laude, in engineering at the California Maritime Academy, where he was a First Class graduate of the California Maritime Academy Corps of Cadets Third Engineering Division.

Prior to entering academia, Holte practiced as a litigation attorney at the United States Federal Trade Commission, an associate in the Intellectual Property Practice Group at the Jones Day law firm, and a patent prosecutor at the Finnegan law firm. He served as a law clerk to Judge Loren A. Smith on the United States Court of Federal Claims – the court to which he has now been named to be nominated – and then to Judge Stanley F. Birch Jr. on the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.

As established by Congress in 1855, the purpose of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims is to allow citizens to file claims for money against the federal government. The court may hear a variety of specialized claims including contract claims, bid protests, military pay claims, civilian pay claims, tax claims, and patent and copyright claims. The court consists of sixteen judges nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate for a term of fifteen years.

Bill Andrew, '78-MET
September 28,  2017

I’m still with Chevron Shipping in San Ramon.  It’s hard to believe but I’ve been here 30 years, and I’ve been VP Operations since 2015.  My wife Sally and I have been married for 38 years, and we have three adult children: Elizabeth - 22, studying Geology at University of the Pacific;  Tom – 27, a Computer Engineer, working in Silicon Valley; and Bill 31, a Mechanical Engineer working in Boulder, Colorado.

Peter Veasey, '78-D
August 22, 2017

Just retired from the MM&P and now working at Cal Maritime as a Sim operator. Just finished a wonderful 2017 Cal Maritime cruise. 

Austin Gearty '17-MT
August 18, 2017

Austin Gearty MT'17 & Chrissy Edmiston GSMA '16 representing the Cal Maritime Alum as two new graduate students apart of the inaugural RIPTIDES cohort on our pursuit of a Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Marine and Estuarine Sciences. Our studies will take place at the Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Sciences, which is an extension of San Francisco State University. Chrissy will be studying marine invasive species in the Carpenter Lab while I will be studying zooplankton/food web ecology in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta in the Kimmerer lab. I am absolutely ecstatic for this opportunity and be part of such an amazing community of people and scientists. 


Scott Tedmus
August 17, 2017

My first child, Easton Tedmus, was born June 19, 2017.


John Gray, '12-ME
August 4, 2017

Project Engineer and alumnus, John Gray, was recently featured in Bay Crossings for his work at Golden Gate Ferry. Read more >> 

Ryan Holte, '05-FET
July 20, 2017

Ryan recently accepted a position with The University of Akron School of Law as Chair of the Intellectual Property Center. Read more >> 

John Betz, '76
July 10, 2017


Piloting Ships in Restricted Visibility >>


Joel Buffa '11-MT
July 7, 2017


Five generations harness wind, sail, ocean for legendary Transpac race to Hawaii >>


Conrad Metzenberg '07-MT
July 3, 2017

My wife and I just had our first kid, Madison, and I enrolled back at Cal Maritime for the masters in engineering and transportation management program.

Ryan Holte, '05-FET
June 29, 2017

Ryan and his wife, Jessica, welcomedtheir little boy, Harvey Ryan Holte, into the world on 2/23 at 2:11pm.

John Cade '54-MET
May 30, 2017


Streeper's 39th Annual "Open Garden"

Ralph Day '71-E
May 24, 2017

LCDR Ralph D. Day, USN, (ret.) (E71) and CAPT Daniel Dwyer, USN (D88) at the unveiling of the marker commemorating the arrival of the US Destroyer Group 8 to Ireland as the first Navy contingent in WWI

CAPT Daniel Dwyer, USN (D88) (far left) and LCDR Ralph D. Day, USN, (ret.) (far right) at the unveiling of the marker.

Sheila LaFleur '02-MT
May 24, 2017

Hey maritime friends. I'm happy to announce the official launch of my professional resume writing business! This business started about 7 years ago and grew strictly by word of mouth referral. I have had such great success in helping people secure the interview and land their desired job and it all starts with a polished and targeted resume. If you don't need this service now, it's only a matter of time until you do! Shoot me a message or follow the prompts on the website to find out more! http://www.jobpropeller.com

Cal Maritime President Tom Cropper has appointed Barend (Piet) Van Os to the California State University Alumni Council Board. Members of the board work as a representative voice of the CSU's three million alumni and play an active role in helping to shape CSU policy and participate in strategic decision-making. 




Did You Know?

Did you know that the U.S. Department of Education recently released findings that show Cal Maritime graduates have the highest average earnings of any California university ten years after enrollment and they have the seventh highest in the U.S.?


Did you know that the U.S. Department of Education recently released findings that show Cal Maritime graduates have the highest average earnings of any California university ten years after enrollment and they have the seventh highest in the U.S.?

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